Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Mom

I have a lot of issues with my mom. So, here is my attempt to write a letter to her to tell her how I feel...

Dear Mom,

Are you happy with the decisions you have made in your life so far? Was it really that bad of a life being the farmer's wife and raising 4 beautiful daughters?

Was it worth it leaving like you did?

You have missed out on a lot, you know. I grew up, with or without you. Dad did a fantastic job of raising us. You get no credit. You bailed.

I go to therapy now. Most of my issues stem from you.

The therapist and I agree that you have some mental issues. I, personally think that you had some serious post-partum depression. We'll never know though.

You called and said that you had another stroke. This would be the fourth one now and our response is still the same: We don't feel sorry for you.

I makes me sad, mom. It makes me sad to know that the only reason you even call is to make us feel sorry for you in some way.

You are selfish. Mothers are supposed to be selfless, not selfish.

Someday, in the distant, very distant, future I will be a great mom. I will raise the most beautiful and well behaved kids that have big hearts full of love and know what it feels like to be loved by a mommy.

I hope you are happy.

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