Saturday, May 14, 2011

Epsom Salts, Lotions, and Body Wash, Oh My!

I did a little research and talked with some friends of mine about what I could do to help relieve some stress and just overall feel better.

These are some things that I did some research on and I was told about:

  • Epsom salts-they help to relieve stress and it is also good for your skin! It helps to relax the whole body and cause an overall feeling of relaxation.
  • Lotions-Bath and Body Works makes a nice line of aromatherapy products that can help with almost anything! I am currently trying the stress reliever and so far so good! I actually feel a little more relaxed!
  • Body Wash-Bath and Body Works also makes a nice line of aromatherapy products in body wash form! I am also trying this, and seeing some results!
I have not tried the Epsom salts yet, but I will. They are supposed to be stress relieving too, but we'll see.

Has anyone had experience with using any of these? Do you like or not like them?


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