Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Here I go.

Time to vent about some things that have been on my mind for a while now.

I was told by one of my friends the other day that I am going to end up alone forever if I don't start dating right away. At first I believed him. I got kind of upset and a little frantic. I couldn't help but think that he was right. I am going to end up a dog lady (not a cat lady - I'm allergic).

He was making me feel like I am so abnormal because I am timid when it comes to the dating scene. I have every right to be timid when it comes to that too!

He doesn't really know my past, so who is he to judge me based on that?

I know that I need to get myself out there and try some dating, but I am so scared.

Who could ever love someone like me? I am so messed up that I am scared that once a guy finds this out, he will be heading for the door in a heartbeat.

Dating is scary for normal people, and it is a million times more so for me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lara, I hear your position and sometimes when a friend suggest dating and they don't know your past, ask God to reveal to you if that person is reliable/worthy to hear your past. They may be there for that very reason to not only hear but to help move you too that next level. Also rely on God only to being to you the love of your life, He alone knows and will if you pray. "GBWY" Lara

Lara said...

Thank you for your kind words! I am working on letting things happen in God's time, but it can very hard sometimes! Thank you for reminding me to look to God.