Saturday, July 9, 2011

Normal Day

For the first time in a very long time, I had a normal day.

Well, allow me to explain. I had a normal day in terms of how insane and out of whack my days have been lately.

I went to the last graduation party of the year that I was invited to. It was OK. It was like any other graduation party.

What made today so...normal was the fact that I didn't have a high sensory day.

Now, I have never actually described a high sensory day in any of my posts, I don't think. I will explain.

A high sensory day for me is one heck of a rough day. It is when I have a high amount of flashbacks in a day. I can feel like I am being touched, I can hear the same sounds from the incidents, can smell the same smells, and can feel the same emotions from when everything happened. All of these are very overwhelming and are all from when the abuse was happening.

It is nearly impossible to describe how it feels and what I am going through. One day, I will try though. When I am having a bad high sensory day I will write about how I am feeling. Maybe one of you feel the same and can relate. Maybe even give me some advice?


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