Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Yucky Day!

I had one yucky day. That is the only way to describe it. Yucky.

I have been kind of down for a few days. Then, I had counseling. Usually, after my session I feel really good. I have my head on straight and it is the easiest time for me to think clearly and make sense of some things. This week - eh, not so much.

For some reason, I went to therapy feeling like crap and left feeling the same way. I felt like I didn't accomplish anything and nothing was really discussed that we haven't already talked about. I feel like we are repeating ourselves. It sucks. I want results and I want to feel at least a little better when I leave a session.

I know that this whole process is a long term thing, but I at least want to leave and feel like I have at least talked about something that has been on my mind and make my head and heart feel a little lighter.

I'm tired. I am going to go to bed. This whole week is going to suck, I get the feeling. Two bad days in a row...not good.


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