Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Feelings

I feel overwhelmed but calm all at the same time. Allow me to explain. I feel overwhelmed because of everything I am going through, and with good reason right? What makes me think that I shouldn't feel this way? I have the right to be upset and what other emotions I am feeling.

I also feel weirdly calm. I think it is because I am actually able to concentrate and think logically. Lately, I am only like this every so often and I am going to embrace it.

I am also scared. I am scared of calling the Sexual Assault Center that my counselor told me to call and get more information. She wants me to start going there for help. I am super frightened. I need to do it, but I am just not ready yet. This is a huge step for me - I think. I will call before my next counseling session. I have to. I just need some time. I will do it Monday so that I have the weekend to think about it and come to terms with what is happening. I need to take things slowly and learn from it. I hope.


Anonymous said...

What words..

Lara said...

Thank you. :)