Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Cream and Naps!

Today started off to be quite the crappy day, not going to lie. It down right sucked!

But then...

I had ice cream!

It sounds silly, but it really did make my day better. It was like a little bowl of comfort.

It was vanilla and had pieces of waffle cone covered in chocolate. Delicious!

Then, I took a nap. It is quite amazing how much your mind can be cleared after a good bowl of ice cream and a nap. I was able to actually sit down and think about everything that I am going through.

I realized that if anything I can count this whole hellish thing is a learning experience. My dad always said when I was little when something would happen that it was a learning experience. For example, when I was little my twin sister was a biter. She would bite almost anyone, but my dad. One day she bit me and I got angry and my dad stepped in. He sat us down and said, "Lara, I know that your sister bit you and you are angry, but this is a learning experience." I thought he was full of crap, to be honest. Then, I actually thought about it and realized that the learning experience is that even though my sister makes me so angry sometimes, I still love her.

So, this whole sexual abuse thing - it can be a learning experience as well. I just have to learn how to make it that.

Wow, what a weird day.

How has your Thursday been?


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